Ralph Steadman style illustration, man surrounded by books in a huge library --ar 16:9

Back to back sober days

Looks like we’re going to get two smiley days in a row for the first time since starting this site. Granted it’s a little cheaty since I’m a little under the weather, but it’s a start.

I want to talk a little bit about self-discpline and taking control of your “other self”.

I watched a video the other day that talks about the concept of your “other self”. It is the one who wants to stay under the covers in the morning even though you promised yourself the night before that you are going to get up early and start the day strong. It is the one who who always looks for the path of least resistance in life and seeks out pleasure.

From this day forward I am going to go to war with this “other self”. It’s time to start a tally for how many times I get up over it. For if I am able to get on top of this “other self” then that means I am on the way to mastering myself and possessing self-discpline.

Here is a great video I found on Youtube along with a passage I particularly enjoyed.

And why is self-discipline worth possessing? Because those who possess it have the ability to determine what they do with their life. Those who lack self-discipline will have the path they take through life determined by someone or something else, and as a result there is a very real danger that they will miss-live.

Tonight, my wife goes out for drinks with her friends. My first opportunity to go 1-0 up on the “other self” who knows there is a fat joint rolled in our cupboard. Game on!