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First post made sober(ish)

This first post goes against the entire point of this website, but I kind of want to give an introduction to how I feel and why I’ve made this site. I’ve had the idea for this site, and had many false starts, but today I’ve just had enough of smoking and today just feels like the day I need to get it up - so here I am.

Let’s start with the name. The reason I have called this site “madesober” is because I want to have a place where I can publically prove to myself that I can be just as creative, and just as thoughtful, even when I’m not “high”. I do think there is absolutely creative benefits to Marijuana but I also believe that I have the raw materials to be just as creative if I find other, more sustainable ways to get into the state I need to be in to create.

I have enjoyed journaling in books but didn’t like the inconsistencies in my writing, nor did it feel as permanent since I have a couple incomplete journals. I like the idea of combining my passion for tech with the practice of disciplined writing that will live for as long as I have a Github account.

The intention here is to write here every day, starting from today, with the primary goal of not doing it sober and while practicing stoic philosphy at the same time.

You can expect to see the following on this site:

  • Journaling about where I am at on the sober journey
  • Stoic quotes and reflections
  • Technical stuff, mostly front-end
  • Thoughts on building products

For now I want this to remain public but anonymous. Let’s have some fun and find some growth.