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Good habits make good days

Today is day 25 of not smoking and day 3 of not drinking. I have a green pen that I shade in half of each grid square in with alongside the black shade for smoking. I’m trying to remove the habit of drinking but I don’t want to stop drinking for ever and will enjoy a drink on Christmas day and other occassions. I just don’t want to be two beers a night kind of guy anymore.

Last night I was talking to my wife about where I’m at in this journey and she asked me if I am itching for a smoke. The answer was no. I’m really loving life at the moment, I’m feeling the best I have felt in years and I can finally see myself transitioning into the next phase of my life.

To me the benefits of quitting weed are:

  1. No more guilt. When you smoke all day, every day you feel a sense of guilt and embarrasment, even if no one really knows.
  2. Clarity. This is a big one. Every day blurs into the next and you have no sense of prioritization or the ability to see everything at a high level.
  3. Discipline! As the days have rolled on and I continue to say no my previous habits, I find it easier to say yes to knew ones such as waking up early, exercise, speaking to other human beings :)
  4. Confidence. This is a by-product of the first two, the lack of guilt and the extra clarity allows you to be more confident in everything you do. I want to talk to anyone now and just have such an appetite for life.

For all the positives there are still negatives, or perhaps better to call them hurdles. The main one being focus. Since I have used Marijuana as a work aide for the past 10 years, I have to find new approaches to work and this generally consists of good old fashioned discipline. I am getting better as the days go on and reading some great books to help (see The Procrastination Equation).

Anyhow, the overall message of this post is to reiterate that good habits makes your life better. It’s a no brainer but you just have to keep working on it every day.

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