Ralph Steadman style illustration, the month of october --ar 16:9 --q 2 --v 5 --s 250

Sober October

Didn’t even realize that I am unintentionally participating in Sober October. I started this streak on the 29th of September and have been going ever since. That’s pretty cool! I’ve always wanted to do a Sober October but never thought I had it in me. Looks like I do.

I have made a few updates to the site this morning.

  1. These posts are powered by Markdown and I used to have to include the hero image file name in the Frontmatter. Instead I have no just used the slug from the Astro props and have to make sure the file name follows the naming convention.
  2. Have included Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of every post now so you can easily navigaate through the posts. I plan on adding View Transitions but have to do a bit more debugging, for some reason the package can not be found. Perhaps I have an older version of Astro.
  3. Another update, not made today was to include a Spotify song ID in the FrontMatter which will embed it at the bottom of the post.

Other than that, all is well in the world. Still need to find stronger discipline through the day to continue working hard, but we will soldier on! I just finished The Procrastination Distraction book which was a great read with some eye opening tips. Now I’m kind of in between books reading the famous essay by Benjamin Franklin The Way To Wealth. To summarize (even though it is very short), work hard, don’t waste your time and save your money. Simple stuff!

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