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51 Days Sober

I was thinking today would be the 50 day post but double checking the streak board and it’s actually day 51. No complaints here!

Well and truly sober now, having no issues what so ever in the weed department and the alcohol is not so much of an issue, I have gotten rid of the habit of having two beers every night and I don’t drink more days than I do now. Also if I do drink it is most likely just a glass of wine or a single beer while out. Except for last Friday had a bit of a blow out with a few beers and chicken wings :)

Streaking whiteboard
Sundays and Mondays seem to be my no-drink days

I have a new morning routine which is pretty much set in stone now and I feel off if I don’t do it. I get up at 5am, run 5km, get in the pool to cool off, make my coffee and do some focus work. This helps keep me off the alcohol since it’s not easy to get up and go for a run if I have too many beers.

Running Log
Averaging 15km a week in running.

Running is so good for your physical and mental health. Especially getting those kilometres out first thing in the morning it really sets up your day.

Tonight I’m off to see Joji in concert, so here is my favorite Joji track.

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