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80 Days Sober

Today is Sunday the 17th of December which rounds off the 11th straight week of not smoking weed. An astonishing feat that still has me in disbelief.

My wife asked me over dinner the other night, ‘What has made it stick this time around?‘. I have always wanted to quit smoking weed just as bad as this time around. You can go back and read earlier posts on this blog to see evidence of that. I think I can credit tthe success of this attempt to the amount of Stoic philosophy I have been reading. The message in those books about building character strength, building self-discipline, having control over yourself have played a massive part in my committment to quitting weed.

I don’t want to live my life being controlled by a substance or a habit any longer. Since quitting weed, I have also taken steps to quitting alcohol which I believe serves little to no purpose. It gives short term ‘relief’ and only causes mid to long term problems, like slipping from your routine for a couple days and long term health issues.

I have also taken control of my attention which YouTube has dominated for a long time. I had to take extreme results by going into the etc/hosts file in all machines to totally block access to Youtube. The only place I can watch YouTube now is on the TV which I do over lunch, which I think is fine.

Still a lot of room for improvement on other aspects of my life such as taking action on important things such as finance, work around/on the house, building a business. The progress I have made at the back end of this year gives me confidence that I can acheive what ever I want going into 2024.

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