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Clear head, new ideas

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted. Happy to report that I haven’t spun out of control or anything like that. I haven’t been the most productive but I would definitely say that I have kicked the habit aspect of my addition. I’m not out of the woods by any stretch but it’s not part of my daily thoughts anymore. There are moments where I think how nice it would be to kick back with a joint, or if I could have a pipe it would let me focus on my work, but those thoughts aren’t taking over me.

One thing I am loving about not smoking is the clarity and confidence that I get. It’s hard to explain but when you smoke all day like an absolute cretin, you can’t help but feel sub-human. So even when I’m not stoned I feel a sense of guilt. Now that I go days without smoking I feel a lot more confident in my day job and just general interactions with other human beings.

I also have a thirst to get shit done. I have been a little slow to start but there is a lot of stuff around the house that needs to get done and I feel I can do it now without worrying that builders coming round to quote might interrupt my sessions.

I’ve also got an idea for a business. There is a very popular one-man design agency out there that works on a subscription model. I would love to try the same thing but with prototyping. The way it would work is companies will subscribe for a fixed amount per month which allows them to request unlimited prototypes via a Trello board. I then build out there designs and provide them with a link to the prototype in just a couple of days. All feedback is provided on the prototype itself by Vercel commenting feature which means there are client meetings or sale pitches. Those client interactions are the part that has always turned me off of that kind of work.

Stay tuned 😃