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Been a minute

It’s been a while. Ten days to be exact.

Not much has been happening. I wish it had. I haven’t been smoking (much), but I’m going back and forward with my guy asking when he’s available. So that’s not a good sign but I just feel like nothing happens without it. I go through my days doing a whole lot of nothing. I’ve been fiending on Twitter lately, just aimlessly scrolling.

I’ve totally given up on my blog that was making a couple grand in it’s good months. I never wrote any of the content and so it just felt like such a drag to chase people to continously write for it. The numbers started to drop as the topic lost a bit of it’s buzz and that’s when I started to also lose interest.

I’m now interested in creating a subscription-style development agency. This is a new model that goes against the traditional agency model of proposals, contracts and billing hourly. I’m still trying to figure out what my offering will be but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be NextJS apps built with Tailwind CSS that use NextAuth and Prisma to manage authentication and databases. I will take clients designs and build them quickly. First I need to validate I can do it fast so I’m going to create a couple dummy projects and see if I can pull it off.

I’ve gotta get rid of Twitter, that thing is a killer.