Ralph Steadman style illustration, missing in action --ar 16:9 --q 2 --v 5 --s 250

Round and round

If you checked my bloods, this post would definitely be flagged as false for madeSober but I haven’t smoked today so it gets to stay smiley. Ever since getting the bag a few days ago, I have been binging everything there is to binge - weed, coffee, alcohol, content. Some early creative breakthroughs followed by abuse.

I give shit to my mother-in-law for her repetitive weekly routines. Her life is like clockwork, watching the same shows, going out with the same people on the same days, eating the same food and saying the same things. I should really have a look at my own life. Every week for me is the same, I work from home, never leaving the house. Delivering just enough value to keep me in a job. Getting stoned at night and working on my projects that make me feel like I am going to find a way out of my day job. Never go anywhere on the weekends. No plans for any travel. Wake up at the same time and sit in the same spot on the couch every morning with my coffee and watch the same news program. My life has zero variation.

It’s time to start breaking up the monotony. Do some exercise somewhere other than the gym, go into the city for work, plan to do random things on the weekend. I need to add some color to this life.

Also, today I plan on not smoking with bags and bags of weed here. Will post an update if I let myself down again.