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My favorite books

Since around 2020, I have started building a habit of reading every night. I still wouldn’t call myself an avid reader. I rarely take time out of my day to sit down and read, but I enjoy it. Here is a short list of my favorite books so far:

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

I found this one by searching reddit for ‘books that have changed your life’. This one was recommended by a bunch of people and I can see why. It’s a very simple book with a message consistent with anyone who has created something great. ‘The Slight Edge’ is to understand that showing up consistently and putting in a little bit every day is the key to success.

The book explains that with anything, whether that is building wealth, fostering relationships or creating a business. Great things don’t just happen from a single burst of inspiration. They take years of disciplined action and focus. The book talks about your life either trending up or trending down, it can never be flat-lining. The way to reverse course is by doing these small actions every day. This reminds me of a passage I read last night in Meditations.

You have to assemble your life yourself - action by action. And be satisfied if each one achieves its goal, as far as it can. No one can keep that from happening. But there are external obstacles… Not to behaving with justice, self-control, and good sense. Well, but perhaps to some more concrete action. But if you accept the obstacle and work with what you’re given, an alternative will present itself - another piece of what you’re trying to assemble. Action by action.

Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

I read this book while I was working at my first job in the creative industry. I can barely remember what was actually written in the book I just know that everything they said resonated. It is pretty much the opposite to how every body else conducts business and attacks creative projects. This is the backside of the book to give you a little idea:

Asap is poison
Underdo the competition
Meetings are toxic
Fire the workaholics
Emulate drug dealers
Pick a fight
Planning is guessing
Inspiration is perishable

I still feel to this day that anyone who works to deliver products needs to read this book. If I ever start a company one day, this will be mandatory reading.

Discipline is Destiny by Ryan Holiday

A recent read, and one of the first books I could digest that touched on Stoicism. This book is one of four books in a series covering the four cardinal virtues - wisdom, justice, courage and temperance.

Self discipline is something I obviously lack so this book was very attractive to me. This book started a short spurt of inspiration, getting up early and working on my projects and somewhat abstaining from weed. Although it all fell apart after a month or so - maybe I need to scroll up a bit and refer back to The Slight Edge.

Feeling like we can get some back to back sober faces today. Let’s get it!