Ralph Steadman style illustration, man abstaining from poison --ar 16:9

Abstinence vs Moderation

Failed again.

This morning I was sent a TikTok where the lady in the video quoted Saint Augustine:

Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.

It’s the first time I’ve heard this quote and it only reaffirmed what I already knew from my years of attempting to quit weed. The only time I ever was able to stop smoking for an extended period was when I threw everything away - weed, papers, pipes, remnants… the lot.

Since starting to read Stoic writings, which have a strong focus on living a life full of moderation, I’ve felt very conflicted.

Fortify yourself with moderation; for it is an impenetrable fortress

Shouldn’t I be able to moderate my use of weed like a true Stoic? I think the answer is that in extreme cases such as someone who has smoked for more years than they haven’t, moderation is not an option.

Today I used this quote as an excuse to get rid of everything I have in the house. Let’s hope this is the last excuse I have and from this point onwards we see nothing but smiles.

Looking forward to bed tonight so I can wake up tomorrow and go again.